Well, spring definitely is flirting with us this year! We've had some
glorious weather although it's been in short spurts. There is a lot in the works
this spring and summer so it seemed timely to update everyone.

Quarterly Town Hall

Mark your calendar! Our next Quarterly Town Hall Meeting will be held
Monday, June 4th, 2012, 7 pm at Cascade Ridge Elementary.
These are very informative meetings and we'd love to have you join us. More
details to follow - check the web site for the latest update. If you have not
read the Minutes of our Town Hall Meeting held on February 28th,
2012, you can find them on the Trossachs web site at This was a very
interesting meeting with nearly 70 in attendance!

Trossachs Web Site

If you have not set up your sign-in name and password on the Trossachs
website, please do so at You will find the
latest "happenings" in Trossachs on the site and you will receive our e-blast
updates. These could range from notifications of security concerns, power
outages, etc. Coming soon to the site will be 24/7/365 access to your account;
the ability to view your account history; pay online; view and respond to
compliance matters, and architectural requests; a private member directory;
tracking of maintenance requests and much more. Details to follow at


Architectural Control Committee
(ACC) Application Submittal

If you plan to make improvements to the exterior of your home over the
summer, please submit your ACC application as soon as possible for review. The
ACC is a volunteer group of your neighbors who meet approximately twice monthly.
In order to gain approval prior to your crew's scheduled start date, early
submittal is highly recommended.

Exterior Peeling Paint &
Re-Roofing Projects

It has been noted that many homes have peeling paint. In addition, a number
of you are thinking about re-roofing your home this summer. Now is the time to
think about submitting plans to the Architectural Control Committee for review
and Board approval. The Trossachs ACC Guidelines require approval of all exterior projects; even for
painting or staining regardless of whether you are keeping your original color
scheme. Each homeowner is required to paint a small section (approximately
2'x3') with the desired color on the material (stucco, siding, trim) that is
visible from the street. The ACC will go by and make a fair evaluation prior to
finalizing their recommendation to the Board for a final decision. On re-roofing
projects, if you are replacing your existing roof with IDENTICAL (cedar for
cedar) materials, you do not
need prior ACC approval. All roofs may consist of either wood cedar shake or
laminated composition roof with a 30 year minimum life. For an application, go
to the Resource Center at or use this link

Boat Parking (Trailers,
Campers, Motor Homes, Motorcycles, Commercial Trucks)

We are seeing non-compliance issues with owners parking their boats in their
driveways or in front of their homes. We would like to remind you of the
Community Rule - "No commercial type trucks, campers, trailers, motor homes,
boats, or motorcycles shall be parked or permitted to remain on any lot, unless
the same is stored or placed in a garage. The above notwithstanding, campers,
motor homes and boats may be temporarily so parked for up to 24 successive hours
on a frequency of no more than twice per week for the purpose of cleaning or
packing for use of the vehicle." Infraction notices and fines are being
enforced. The City of Sammamish Code Compliance states the following.
"Public Works Standards and City Codes do not allow any object in the
public right-of-way. Portable basketball hoops, vehicles, recreational vehicles
and boats are some of the most frequently offending items. These all need to be
kept on private property."


Basketball Hoops

Last summer, we had numerous calls regarding basketball hoops on the
sidewalks or in the street. As a reminder, basketball backboards may be attached
to the house, however freestanding permanent backboards need ACC approval.
Removable basketball backboards don't require an ACC application. Basketball
hoops are required to be placed on the owner's property and all playing is to be
done on the owner's property not obstructing the sidewalk (including removable
basketball backboards). No playing of basketball is allowed in the street under
the City of Sammamish Code Compliance which states the following.
"Public Works Standards and City Codes do not allow any object in the
public right-of-way. Portable basketball hoops, vehicles, recreational vehicles
and boats are some of the most frequently offending items. These all need to be
kept on private property."



Do you have a great yard? Please enter the "Golden Shovel" Contest beginning
soon. Email Marianne your name, address and division at
The Landscape Committee will be doing periodic tours over the summer. Winners
will be announced September 12th! GOOD LUCK!

Trossachs Committees/Task Forces

We are looking for new Committee/Task Force Members. If you would like to
serve on the ACC or join a new Committee, i.e., Social, Communications, or a new
Task Force such as Playground Equipment Advisory, Transition, Transfer Fees,
Connectivity, etc., please let us know. For an application, go to the Resource
Center at or
follow the link at

National Night

National Night Out has become an American tradition. In past years,
interested Trossachs members have joined the celebration activities at Sammamish
Commons Plaza (City Hall). It's an evening that brings community members and
local support services (police, fire, emergency) together to meet those
dedicated to the safety and care of community members.

If Trossachs members would like to hold a neighborhood National Night Out on
Tuesday, August 7th, along with the rest of our country, we will need
some leadership to chair this event. Many like communities across the country
meet their neighbors by gathering at a park for a dinner of barbequed hot dogs,
and fun. The Police Department and Fire Department come by with their fire
engines and police vehicles for the neighborhood children to experience up
close. If we can get this going early enough, Target is a major supporter of
National Night Out. We may be able to access some of the funding they commit to
this event every year. This event instills community camaraderie and is
supported by our Sammamish Police Department. The Cascade Ridge PTSA may be a
source for help with planning - you can contact Deanne King, PTSA President,
Cascade Ridge Elementary at If you are
interested in providing some leadership or just want to be part of this team,
please email Marianne at Marianne.nahay@cdcmanagement so
she can coordinate a Committee if the community is interested. To learn more, go



The fences in Div. 1, Lots 1 - 8 and 52 - 59 will be evaluated soon for
repairs. The Association has the responsibility of maintaining these fences
(both sides) as they are in a landscape easement for these lots. For those of
you in Divisions 1 & 2, if you are interested in replacing your fencing, the
Management Office has resources for you that are familiar with the Trossachs

Blackstone Park

The community park at SE 11th and 273rd has failing
turf and shrubs. The Landscape Contractor has evaluated the condition,
determining that it has been overly "loved" and will be replanting the turf,
refurbishing some bushes and replanting more resilient shrubs. When the turf is
replanted, it will require no activity to allow the new lawn to grow in healthy
and strong. We will be alerting the community to honor the cordoned off areas so
that the new plantings can thrive. Watch for more details on the website and
postcard mailings.


Within the reserves, monies have been accumulated to seal-coat the asphalt
walkways and parking lots within Trossachs. This is a weather-dependent project
that could not be accomplished last year due to our short summer. It will
require 24 hours to cure fully in very warm, dry conditions before activity can
resume on the asphalt. As soon as the date is set with the contractor, we will
notify you that we need everyone's help in allowing the asphalt to cure
properly. That will mean, no parking/walking/biking/any contact with the asphalt
surfaces for a full 24 hour period. Otherwise, it will compromise the protective
coating and could track traces into your home. Following the seal-coating, white
paint striping will be applied. This activity dries very quickly as long as
conditions remain dry. Please watch for a postcard notice of the date as we get
into more stable dry weather. In the same timeframe, the selected contractor
will be installing an asphalt path at SE 13th / 270th Park and
repairing the damaged asphalt edge near the bench at Carlisle Park (Trossachs
Blvd. & SE 11th).


The playground equipment throughout Trossachs will be evaluated this year for
possible replacement next year. The first in line to be replaced will be those
with safety issues. We are requesting your help with your thoughts on the
playground equipment in your neighborhood or if you would like to head up or
participate on a Playground Equipment Advisory Task Force. Please email your
comments to Marianne at

Park Signage

We are in the process of finalizing the names and signage for six of our
parks this year. The remaining four parks signage will be installed from the
Reserves when funds are allocated. This year's reserve funds allows for six new


Our neighborhood monuments are scheduled for cleaning, painting and a
lighting system check. As this is accomplished over the summer, let us know how
these look and any questions you may have about the monuments.


Did you know that the sidewalk in front of your home, while it belongs to the
City of Sammamish, is maintained by the homeowner? This includes removal of
sprouting weeds, repairs, keeping access clear and in good condition (no cracks,
etc.). If the City of Sammamish deems the sidewalk or planting strip is not
properly maintained, they can post a notice to cure the condition, which if not
cured, can be handled by the City of Sammamish at the abutting property owner's


We have two damaged mail stations we are seeking bids on for repair. The
wooden sagging mail stations will be evaluated and repairs will be coordinated
into the Reserve Study timeframe.



The City of Sammamish Police Department is reminding Trossachs owners to keep
vehicle doors locked and garage doors closed. Even though the Community has very
little crime, it is very important to be mindful. The primary crimes in the
community have been theft, larceny and burglary. To view crime reports logged in
by the Police Department in Trossachs, go to After a crime is
reported to the Police Department, it takes 24-hours to post to this site.


The Management Trust - CDC

11211 Slater Avenue NE, #150

Kirkland, WA 98033


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